Be prepared to manage smoothly the different steps

The next social elections for companies with at least 15 emplyoees will be held on 12th March 2024 (draft ministerial decree - an official calendar will be published shortly by the Ministry of Labour).

The preparation and holding of these elections must be carried out within strict deadlines and according to a 5-step procedure to be respected as follows:

  • The preparatory phase
  • The pre-electoral phase
  • The setting up of the electoral office
  • The elections
  • The post-election phase

Our team of experienced HR and labour law consultants can support you through all the key stages of the election process:

  • Calculation of the company’s headcount and confirmation of the electoral system to be applied
  • Preparation of the documents required for the elections
  • Pre-election training (roles of the various parties involved, preparation for each step, procedures to be followed and voting rules to be respected)
  • Hotline assistance on election day       
  • Post-election assistance

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