Business Planning & Advisory Services

Business Planning & Advisory Services

In an increasingly competitive business environment, experienced advisory is more important than ever.

With our Business Planning and Advisory Services, our clients benefit from tailored advice that will meet their needs at any stage of their business’ life cycle - we can help you to make the right decisions to support your organisation’s growth.

Our team of accountants and advisers can work with you on your business planning and your plans for the future. Regular meetings to discuss and review financial results, budgets or specific projects will allow us to identify potential issues before they become problems and to provide you with tailored advice.

Our wider range of Business Planning and Advisory Services include:

  • Support for setting up a company
  • Assistance in finding the appropriate corporate form and defining the articles of association
  • Application for business permits
  • VAT or any other type of registration
  • Preparation of budgets and comparison with actual figures
  • Establishment and assessment of business plans
  • Definition of KPI’s and analysis of their development
  • Preparation of cash flow forecasts, comparison with actual figures and advice
  • Advice in connection with shareholder and loan agreements
  • Financing concepts and assistance with banking discussions
  • Valuing of private companies  and planning the succession
  • Assistance during business acquisitions or disposals
  • Advice on state subsidies or other grants
  • Advice in relation with your accounting & consolidation process

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