Legal & Corporate Services

Legal & Corporate Services

Whether your business is operating across multi-jurisdictions or is Luxembourg focused, you may decide to set-up an entity in Luxembourg due to its exceptional toolbox in terms of entities and instruments.

BDO helps you to:

  • decide which type of entity and instruments or combination of entities and instruments suits your needs by analysing your envisaged or existing structure
  • implement the chosen solution
  • manage and run the structure
  • ensure that you are compliant with local laws and regulations
  • adapt the structure when required
  • plan and realise financial restructuring such as mergers (cross-border or local), divisions, transfers of registered office (within, to or out of Luxembourg), capital in- or decreases, etc.
  • wind down the structure (liquidations, dissolutions).

BDO serves all types of clients: multinational companies, real estate firms, private equity firms and private clients.

With respect to international projects, the BDO Global network enables our clients taking advantage of the expertise of BDO offices all over the world in order to implement cross-border transactions with local advisors in the different jurisdictions concerned.

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