At BDO Advisory, we want to achieve tangible results to ambitions of changes. In partnership with our clients, we transform objectives and challenges into reality, break up with the past, manage the present and build up the future.

Our belief is that BDO Advisory makes the difference in the sector of the small and medium enterprise, combining BDO multidisciplinary expertise and competences to develop truly operational and organisational responses for our customers and prospects.

Our assistance characterised by extensive involvement of senior professionals, direct access to top technical resources, and straightforward, proactive communications delivered through a centralised, responsive, knowledgeable client service team that can provide timely and relevant technical advice or position.

Our culture is distinct and essential to our success. Simplicity and pragmatism are the keys for our services:

  • Working with our clients – We deploy a partner oriented approach to ensure a relevant and deep understanding of the business needs and of the service requirements.
  • Working smart - We focus on identifying and implementing simple and pragmatic solutions that meet the immediate and future needs of client businesses, we propose quick wins before planning long-term initiatives
  • Working differently – We often work in multidisciplinary team, drawing on in-house specialists covering the entire value chain, combining strong technical skills and significant service knowledge to enable them to deal with all technical matters, without the need to defer all decisions and advice to others.

BDO Advisory assists any organisation seeking to implement a change (e.g. strategic, organisational and regulatory) or wishes to adapt its organisation to permanent changes.
Our services include:

  • Project Execution and Management to focus on delivering the project and meeting the objectives
  • Operational Effectiveness to ensure sustainability and competitiveness, to support organisational transformation  to ensure the future growth and development of the business
  • Assistance for the implementation of new regulations - no matter the competitive and economic conditions.



  • Project and Programme Management
  • Operational Effectiveness
  • Regulatory Consulting

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