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TRS Services

With the support of our international network, our services include:

  • Hotline assistance on QI, FATCA & CRS aiming to provide fast and reliable answers to technical queries of limited complexity
  • The determination of entities’ U.S. federal tax, FATCA & CRS classification
  • The completion or review of various self-certification forms (U.S. Forms W-8, CRS self-certifications) and information returns (Form 1042-S)
  • The drafting and review of the QI, FATCA and CRS sections of legal documents (prospectus, subscription forms, account opening sets, insurance policies) and internal procedures or manuals
  • Assistance with investment funds withholding tax reclaims
  • Tailored tax matrices on specific tax rates and documentary requirements for private banking clients / investment funds
  • The review of bank tax reports for its clients
  • Trainings to raise awareness on operational tax or on specific in-depth issues
  • Guidance for implementing the new “Qualified Derivative Dealer” (“QDD”) regime applicable to dividend equivalent payments under section 871(m)