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TRS - AEOI Services


  • Hotline and ad hoc assistance aiming to provide fast and reliable answers to FATCA & CRS technical queries
  • Trainings to raise awareness on FATCA and CRS (general and tailor made)
  • Determination of entities’ FATCA & CRS status
  • Implementation of FATCA & CRS Compliance Programs (incl. drafting and review of the AEOI Framework and Policy, Register of Actions)
  • Dialogue with the Administration des Contributions Directes (ACD)


  • Taking charge of the overall duties through a complete AEOI delegation service agreement. For instance, BDO Luxembourg may act as your FATCA Sponsoring Entity as we have registered as Sponsor with the IRS, or as your outsourced Delegate for the fulfillment of your CRS obligations (due diligence & reporting)
  • Secondment of qualified BDO staff in your premises to review account holder / investor documentation for FATCA and CRS purposes as part of 1st line of defense
  • Performing internal controls of the 2nd line of defense (monitoring of compliance of the 1st line of defense and assisting in identifying risks)


To assist small and large financial institutions, BDO has developed a service offering for domestic FATCA and CRS reporting. BDO has contracted with one of the official portals to provide comprehensive support and solutions as an official Depositor.

  • Access to an IT tool (eCRS) for the preparation and submission of the FATCA & CRS reporting


  • Performance of different types of AEOI Compliance Program reviews, e.g. Global assessment, Internal Controls review, Health Check
  • Assistance to design, implement and test AEOI Remediation Plan