Throughout the last ten years, financial institutions have ridden the highs, and plunged to the lows of the economic cycle. Despite these dramatic changes in the business environment, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) has remained a key focus area.​

Preventing money laundering schemes requires vigilance, sophistication, and a proactive approach. BDO assists financial institutions and organisations by providing compliance and advisory services to meet regulatory mandates, as well as address enforcement actions and mitigate risks. Our specialists draw on significant experience implementing customised, risk-based approaches, policies, and procedures, as well AML risk assessments.
We offer AML services to a broad cross-section of the financial services industry.

Many financial institutions must replace early systems with robust AML technology that is capable of integrating the front, back, and middle offices. BDO can help you to fulfill regulatory requirements by implementing a risk-based AML IT infrastructure and putting in place related policies and procedures, specially tailored to your needs.

We also provide training on AML / KYC best practices and regulatory requirements in Luxembourg. Additionally, BDO’s global network of resources located in over 150 countries enable us to respond rapidly to our clients’ need to build a strong compliance foundation.

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