BDO Luxembourg is the winner in the category "Digitalisation"

02 December 2021

The Paperjam Recovery Awards are an opportunity for companies to share their experiences of successfully demonstrating resilience and innovation in dealing with the consequences of the health and economic crisis.

A jury deliberated on the candidate companies and decided on an award for the best of them through 4 categories: Innovation, Resilience, Digitalisation and Solidarity.

BDO Luxembourg submitted an application in the categories "Resilience" and "Digitalisation", and we are very honoured that the jury has chosen us as the winners in the category "Digitalisation", among others.

The file submitted by our team in charge of digital projects, in which BDO Luxembourg has demonstrated the opportunity to digitalise our offer by highlighting the ongoing progress in its digital transformation.

We are proud to be among many Luxembourg companies that have successfully re-oriented, re-invented themselves and shown solidarity in the interests of their clients, the well-being of their employees and the society in general during this global health crisis.


The BDO Team

Daniel Croisé, Aline Brochard, Stéphanie Golinvaux, Erwan Loquet, Laurent Oger