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Operational Taxes

The Operational Tax world

Operational tax risk arises in relation to withholding taxes, transactional taxes (stamp duties and other transfer taxes) and compliance obligations (identification, documentation and tax reporting) resulting from holding or receiving payments on financial assets.

Operational tax was traditionally considered as secondary and unappreciated. However, as the net of tax transparency and compliance requirements has evolved and increased globally, financial organizations are facing numerous operational tax challenges.

Furthermore, the FATCA and CRS rules, impact not only financial service providers but everyone as investor, life insurance policyholder or beneficiary, or simply account holder.

The BDO Operational Tax team

In order to help you with these complex rules, BDO Luxembourg has set up a dedicated team specialized in operational taxes. The team is composed of experts with an international background and extensive financial services experience.



> U.S. Qualified Intermediary (“QI”)
> Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (“FATCA”)
> OECD a Common Reporting Standard (“CRS”)
>  Certification of German tax figures for funds
>  Tax reporting for private bank clients
>  Other tax issues related to securities