• CF Fund Services

A Pragmatic Approach

The management of your portfolio and the marketing of your product must remain your priorities. It is therefore essential that you can count on the support of a reliable and reputable partner who is able to manage the administrative, operational, and accounting elements of your regulated investment vehicle.

Navigating the changing environment of the investment fund industry requires the support of a true professional. We specialise in helping you distinguish between the essential and the desirable, the mandatory and the optional.

We have an extensive experience in alternative investment funds and can
assist you set up a regulated entity that complies with current requirements.

Our complementary operational, legal and technical tax know-how ensures we can identify your needs, foresee potential red flags and manage every stage of your product’s lifecycle proactively.

Our Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Registrar agent
  • Corporate domiciliation agent
  • Client communication agent
  • Administrative agent of the financial sector
  • Professional providing company incorporation

CF Fund Services is also:

  • a 100%-owned subsidiary of the Compagnie Fiduciaire Group
    (BDO Tax & Accounting Luxembourg)
  • a Professional of the Financial Sector (PSF) regulated by the Luxembourg financial authority
    (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier - CSSF)
  • an entity that complies with ISAE 34-02 (formerly SAS 70) standards since January 2012