• Information Technology Audit

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Information Technology Audit

In today’s complex business environment, organisations are constantly challenged with an increasing number of information technology risks, including security threats, regulatory and legislative compliance.​

Over the last two decades, the technology revolution has dramatically transformed the way companies do business. Nowadays, companies operate in a dynamic environment that is increasingly interconnected, integrated and interdependent, resulting in a growing number of global competitors. A constant flow of information is the lifeblood of current businesses. Your data is distributed throughout your information system to partners and other shareholders, expanding the domain you need to protect. The integrity and stability of your business is, now more than ever, dependent on how you are securing this domain.

Amid an evolving regulatory environment and increased oversight pressures, organisations face ongoing challenges to manage and comply with ever-mounting regulations that are coming their way. At the same time, organisations are focused on managing new and persistent risks to their business, while balancing revenue growth and expense saving business priorities.

In the face of these challenges, managing IT risk and compliance has become even more critical, as IT failures can lead to reputational damage, customer and market valuation loss, and an increase in privacy issues and high-profile legal exposure. In this environment, implementing, maintaining and enhancing IT controls is crucial to help ensure businesses are managed and controlled appropriately, and functioning reliably.

With trust in your data and security, with resilience built into your systems, and with knowledge that your digital transformations will succeed, you will enjoy the exponential benefits of a reliable information risk management.



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