• Statutory Audit

Statutory Audit

Your audit, tailored to your needs​

Creating value that makes a real difference to your business is intrinsic to our audit service. Quality audits that bring unexpected and far-reaching benefits do not come from an unthinking compliance mindset but from a knowledgeable, questioning, imaginative and insightful approach.

Since it was founded, BDO has provided audit services to commercial industrial companies as well as financial institution including Banks, Professional from the Financial Sector (PFS) and entities linked to Asset Management (Investment Funds, Alternative Investment Fund Managers,…).

This is how its managers and employees have acquired the know-how and experience which they make available to their clients during the various projects.

To us your business assurance is more than counting the numbers and ticking the boxes. It's about helping you grow your business and ensuring that every part of your organisation is fine-tuned to achieve your business objectives. We adopt a relationship based approach by working closely with you over the long-term, we develop a deep understanding of your requirements and become well placed to deliver high quality service. Our experienced Audit team has helped a broad range of businesses from family businesses, entrepreneurs and small indigenous owner-managed firms, to the larger international brands.

BDO auditors all over the world use the same audit platform and proprietary software, and tailor our offerings specifically to clients’ individual needs. This approach allows us to provide global companies with real-time updates, whenever – and wherever – they’re needed.

BDO is also recognised in Luxembourg for its presence, knowledge and experience on the local market. We have dedicated professional with deep understanding of the specificities of the local market. These professional are very sensitive to the requirements and realities of local entities.



> Commercial industrial companies
Professional from the Financial Sector (PFS)
> Asset Management (Investment Funds, Alternative Investment Fund Managers,…)