• Human Resources Advisory

    A pragmatic, flexible and affordable HR support


Our first priority is getting to know you, your corporate culture, and your HR vision. Taking this time is critical to find the perfect candidates to integrate and participate in the success of your business.

We offer a comprehensive approach to attracting, identifying, assessing, and on-boarding the best possible talent to meet your business needs efficiently and effectively. Our recruitment solutions are exclusive and highly customised.

We provide several recruitment solutions such as

  • Permanent Hires: It is the best solution if you need to recruit employees but are short of recruiting resources and time. We can manage the recruitment strategy and hiring process of all vacancies within your company, from A to Z.
  • Specific Recruitment: We work in close co-ordination with you throughout the process of candidate selection. From a sourcing strategy to a final job offer, we identify the best possible candidates in terms of qualification, experience level, and cultural fit for your organisation.
  • Background check: We can also undertake a background check while interviewing candidates: reference checks, verification of education qualifications and past experience credentials. This background will give you the opportunity to build a relationship of trust and efficient work base.

Outsourcing employee recruitment allows you to focus on your main business.

Our approach quickly fills vacancies and greatly reduces the risk of high cost in case of hiring mistakes.

Our clients trust our customised hiring services to recruit successfully junior, mid and senior roles across various industries.

For confidentiality reasons, we can keep your job opportunity anonymous on the market.