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TRS Outsourcing Services

Reporting Luxembourg Financial Institutions and QIs need to comply with stringent documentation requirements and due diligence procedures. These obligations imply both knowledge of the specific rules and their ongoing changes as well as in-house human resources to manage the tasks on an annual / ongoing basis.

BDO may assist you

  • On a global basis, taking charge of the overall duties through a complete delegation service agreement. For instance BDO Luxembourg may act as your FATCA Sponsoring Entity as we have registered as Sponsor with the IRS, or as your outsourced Delegate for the fulfillment of your CRS obligations (due diligence & reporting).
  • On a tailor-made basis for specific tasks, such as the review of AML/KYC documentation, self-certification and U.S. Forms received from clients/ investors/ policyholders, through the secondment of qualified BDO staff in your premises.


  • FATCA Sponsoring or delegation
  • CRS Delegation
  • Staff secondment