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03 March 2021

As indicated in our payroll alert of 2 November 2020 about the draft law regarding the State budget for 2021¹, this law² has introduced a new article 115 no. 13a regarding the profit-sharing premium into the modified law of 4 December 1967 on income tax (LIR). On 11 February 2021, the tax...

16 February 2021

The social minimum wage has been increased, as of 1 January 2021, from €256.60 to €263.78 (index 100) by a law of 15 December 2020. The index applicable to salaries remains set at 834.76.Please find below detailed information.English Version   French Version    German Version 

04 February 2021

Les conditions relatives au séjour sur le territoire luxembourgeois des ressortissants de pays tiers sont déterminées par la loi modifiée du 29 août 2008 portant sur la libre circulation des personnes et l’immigration.

04 February 2021

Please find below the calendar of public holidays in Luxembourg for the year 2021.  

03 February 2021

In a time of disruption, thoughtful decision-making lies ahead for high net-worth individuals (HNWIs) planning for the future according to a recent report published by accountancy and advisory firm BDO.BDO conducted research into the views of 350+ private clients and professional advisers across...

26 January 2021

Dans un contexte de crise, il est essentiel pour les utilisateurs des états financiers de pouvoir compter sur une information fiable pour prendre des décisions économiques. L’audit revêt ainsi un rôle plus fondamental que jamais.La crise sanitaire, cela ne fait aucun doute, a eu et aura encore...

12 January 2021

BDO Luxembourg’s Alain Lam and Jingya Tian believe the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) between the EU and China aims to perpetuate their mutually beneficial business relationships and could eventually see more Chinese firms do business in Luxembourg. BDO Luxembourg’s China Desk is...

07 January 2021

eFire is a user-friendly, reliable and comprehensive QI reporting solution that offers a convenient way to complete and file Information Return Forms 1042-S and Tax Returns Form 1042.By using eFire, you will be able to:Work directly on an user-friendly interface for the preparation of: The Form...

22 December 2020

In its press release of 21.12.2020, the Ministry of Finance granted an extension for the filing of the 2019 tax returns.Below we give you more information.Download

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