Maximises your salary calculation

Developed between BDO Payroll professionals and BDO Technology, Payease is at the forefront of the salary calculation for many reasons.

Benefit from the BDO expertise

To choose Payease is to choose the most reactive solution in terms of legal changes. The software is constantly evolving to assure you a formal and optimised payroll calculation process.
And for any request a full client service with Technical support by Payroll officers of BDO and/or IT experts is at your disposal.

A modern, intuitive and user-friendly interface
Distributed in electronic format, Payease generates the most detailed payslip you can find on the market. Monthly wage on one side and year-to-date on the other side, all available in 3 languages (French, German and English), Payease automatically adjusts the income tax either after the input of the tax card.

A complete solution

  • All business lines calculated (banking, assurance, industry, marine,…)
  • Possibility to issue multiple payslips per month (periodic and non-periodic)
  • Retroactive payroll calculation
  • Checklists and audit lists in order to track modifications from one month to the next one
  • HR dashboards and export of master data and payroll results (in various formats)

A flexible Software
Available in two modes: Locally, installed on your windows server or in a SaaS mode, installed and hosted by BDO Technology and accessible through a secure Internet connection.