Secures your intracommunity transactions

eVAT Tracker periodically checks VAT numbers validity of your clients and suppliers to inform you about suspended VAT numbers.
Thanks to this you will be able to:

Be compliant with AED
Evidence tickets of the controls made are automatically archived and can later be produced to the VAT authorities in case of VAT audits.
eVATtracker is a twofold solution:

  • eVATtracker Server is locally installed on your server. It periodically interrogates the European VAT database against clients and suppliers databases in a secured environment,
  • eVATtracker Query is a user-friendly interface installed on end-users’ workstations for an instant check of the validity of any VAT-Number with again, the possibility to archive the results of the checks made.

Optimise your administrative processes
eVATtracker facilitates VAT numbers validity check and remove manual check from employees. The software checks automatically VAT number by asking european servers database VIES.
Validity history review becomes easy, quick and efficient and can be printed or exported (on PDF and Excel format).

Communicate with other software
eVATtracker communicates with your existing information system and incorporate clients and suppliers VAT numbers list (export from an accounting or billing software, ERP, …). Updating of this data can either be automated by using a dedicated folder or a VAT numbers file can be manually uploaded.