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Information Technology

IT is one of the essential cogs in the machinery of any successful business. It plays a key part in a company’s performance by helping it achieve its goals.
Datagest, affiliated IT company of BDO Luxembourg, is a software editor and an IT service provider. Its expertise will assist you in achieving your projects.

Thanks to our extensive experience as a service provider for companies of any size and from any industry you can rest assured that our IT support and consulting services are highly flexible and will meet any of your requirements. Tailor-made software development, monitoring and updating company IT systems, IT advice and support and a team of highly skilled experts - Datagest ensures all your needs are covered.

The local wage and tax environment is characterized by a high level of specificity. Datagest has customised wage calculation software - PayEase.net – and tax return, eTVA and eCDF software – eFiscalease – to take these specificities into account: these software are developed together with experts of our « Secrétariat Social » and « Tax » departments to meet your performance.

Furthermore, eFIRE software has been developed specifically to meet your annual IRS electronic filing requirements of Qualified Intermediary (QI).

In the near future, Data Protection Officer role will be more important : Datagest is experienced and certified in this field; ready to take on the tasks associated with this role as of today.

Let us meet these challenges together !



> Tailor-made development, IT support and consulting
> Salary calculation software
> Human Resources Information System
> Tax return, eTVA and eCDF software
> QI tool
> VAT tool
> Approved Data Protection Officer