• Human Resources Advisory

    A pragmatic, flexible and affordable HR support

HR Advisory

You can benefit from our practical and extensive expertise in various HR topics including:

  • HR strategy and policies: recruitment, review of the selection criteria and assesment processes, sourcing strategy, set up of an induction program, writing of a car policy, employee manuals, and others,
  • Performance measurement programs: design of performance goal program including an appraisal system, upward feedback system, 360 feedback, and other HR measurement tools
  • Training and development schemes: program strategy and budget, identification of the training needs, set up of a training plan, policies and procedures…,
  • Writing/review of job descriptions,
  • Integration of new acquisitions and calibrating job levels,
  • Implementation of surveys (recruitment process, induction, training or for other events),
  • Employee exit interview: independant and objective exit interview to understand why the person left to uncover reasons that would otherwise go unreported or unnoticed,

Other topics to be discussed depending on your needs.