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Co-funding legislation

The legislation on continuing vocational training enables your company to benefit from financial assistance for your training plans.

If you wish to obtain this financial support from the State, we can offer you our expertise in completing and sending your application forms to INFPC. They will proceed in a qualitative and quantitative compliance analysis with reference to the egibility criteria set by the legislation. INFPC will then submit its conclusion to the advisory committee; the final decision will be taken by the Minister of Education, Children and Youth.

20%: The amount we can help you to recover of your annual amounts invested in training.

35%: A 15% increase for the participants’ salaries provided the following criteria are met on the date the training starts:
- No recognised diploma and less than 10 years of seniority in your company
- Over 45 years old.

Or 14%: The investment amount, deducted from income tax on the current year's income if you choose the tax credit solution (Increase of 11% for participant's salary expenses if the same criteria are met)

Is your annual investment in training ≤ € 75.000?

Then, we will submit for your company an annual report with the retrospective description of the training carried out during the year and all the supporting documents (attendance lists, paid invoices, expenses forms…) no later than 5 months after the close of your financial year.

Or it is ≥ € 75.000?

Then, we will complete 2 steps:

A training forecast by submitting an approval application (including planned training courses and estimation of the number of participants, previsional budget) no later than 3 months after the beginning of your financial year,

The annual report no later than 5 months after the close of your financial year.


What are the eligible expenses?

  • Participants’ salaries, travel, accomodation and subsistence expenses,
  • External trainers’ invoices, travel, accomodation and subsistence expenses,
  • Internal trainers’ salaries, teaching preparation expenses,
  • Other expenses as premises and teaching material,
  • Annual training expenses as subscriptions to training bodies, consultants fees, "training management" software.

What are the 7 categories of training?

  • Languages
  • Computer science
  • Management/human resources
  • Finance/accounting/law
  • Quality/ISO/safety
  • Technical/core business related
  • On-the-job training (new hires/tranfsers/adaptation)

Focus on the strategy and the implementation of your training plan and let us structure the co-funding application for you!