• Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Our future depends on these companies being managed effectively for long-term prosperity.

Thus the governance is so important to long-term economic strength. In today’s increasingly regulated environment, the strategy to achieve a company purpose should reflect the values and culture of the company and should not be developped in isolation. Boards should oversee both.

As a result, directors and other persons responsible for corporate governance have significant legal responsibilities and they often need professional help from experts to ensure they have sound corporate governance procedures and risk management policies.

Backed by broad resources across our assurance, tax, and consulting practices, our professionals are uniquely poised to address a wide variety of needs and risk areas – both across the country and around the world. We work closely with board members to provide continual education, conduct corporate governance assessments, as well as provide design and implementation services. We also develop monitoring protocols and strategic organizational frameworks designed to help companies transition through various business cycles.

The boards of large companies behave in very different ways from those of smaller firms.

With small companies, the entire ownership may be in the room during board meetings. Governance issues range from board structure to internal control procedures, the need to safeguard assets, risk management, constitution of audit committees.

Corporate governance reviews are particularly relevant to companies and organisations with:

  • Responsibilities to account for the use of public funds
  • Public interest obligations
  • Third-party investors such as grant agencies and venture capital
  • Boards that contain non executive directors
  • A large number of stakeholders, from banks to staff and shareholders.



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