• Webinar Follow-up

What do the EU VAT in the Digital Age proposals mean for me?

21 March 2023

The European Commission has recently published an action plan for some significant proposed VAT changes that will impact organisations trading in the EU, including UK businesses who have operations in the EU.  The changes consist of three key parts, commonly referred to as:

  • The platform economy
  • The single VAT registration
  • Digital reporting and E-invoicing

Although any changes will not be implemented until 2025 onwards, they have the potential to have a significant impact on UK organisations trading in the EU and therefore early understanding and consideration of the impact of the changes is important. 

The European Commission is currently requesting feedback on the proposals with the feedback period expected to close shortly after our webinar. It is therefore important to understand what these changes are and how they might impact you so that you can have your say. 

The session was held on 07th March 2023 by VAT partners from BDO UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Luxembourg, who have come together to help you understand what the proposed changes are and how they might impact on your organisation so that you can start understanding the practical implications. 

If you would like to read more about the European Commission's proposals, further details can be found in our article.


Watch the webinar here: