• Threat Intelligence Report

Threat Intelligence Report

25 October 2021

2021 has been a particularly interesting year as it comes off the heels of the partially recovered COVID 19 world, and with it, partial social distancing measures. Still, the world is more connected than ever as workforce remains remote to some degree, and unfortunately, that means cybersecurity has become increasingly relevant to virtually everyone. Moreover, firms, governments, and individuals alike tend to view information security retroactively, where issues are often analysed after they occur, and this presents high risk while giving little value in preventing them from recurring.

Despite fields within information security spheres being full of an incredible amount of unorganised , highly technical data, it should be leveraged to generate quality intelligence that increases awareness of probable threats, assesses risk, and re evaluates priorities and resources that secure an organisations interests.

That said, our report aims to inform decision makers who are not always technically proficient with C Suite level intelligence that supports business decisions when confronted with cybersecurity risks and allows for adequate preventative and mitigation procedures to be ready when needed.

Please find below the report: