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Statement for short-time work

24 June 2020

The statement must be submitted via MyGuichet.

The statement for a given month can only be made after having received an email or letter sent by ADEM to the employer or to his representative. It contains the reference number for the statement related to the application for short-time working: "CHP2020XXXXXXXXXXXX". 


The employer has 3 months following the month in which the short-time working occured.

The employer will be informed by ADEM:

  • either of the outstanding balance, in case the compensation payment is higher than the advance received;
  • or of the amount overpaid to be returned if the advance was greater than the compensation paid by the State.

The employer will receive a detailed statement for each month concerned.


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Here you will find the document if necessary to be signed by the staff delegation certifying that the delegation has read the statement and the list of employees affected by short-time working.


Declaration staff delegation

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