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Optimises your tax, eCDF & VAT forms
eFiscalease, your tax return, VAT and eCDF software, jointly developed with the BDO “Tax” department. Import, input, viewing, printing, PDF generation, transmission in XML format and archiving of your former declarations.
An “All in One” solution that allows you to process your declarations and forms.

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Your KYC digital assistant
Eyes keeps companies compliant with the Luxembourg’s regulations related to the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. Monitor your client’s documents collection, refinitv World-Check screenings, reviews and assess a risk score following your answers to AML/KYC questionnaires.

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Maximises your salary calculation
Developed between our “Secretariat Social” department and BDO Technology, Payease takes the Luxembourg wages specificities into account. Get the most reactive solution in terms of legal changes, all business lines compatible (banking, assurance, industry, marine,…) & interfaced with HR and Accounting systems.

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Innovates your IRS filling requirements
eFIRE software has been developed specifically to meet your annual IRS electronic filing requirements of Qualified Intermediary (QI).

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Secures your intracommunity transactions
eVATtracker periodically checks VAT numbers validity of clients and suppliers and informs you about suspended VAT numbers.

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Simplify and digitalise your Occupational Health and Safety
The eSST monitoring software and its mobile app eSST companion makes it easier for you to comply with Occupational Health and Safety requirements.
These tools are developed based on the field experience of our consultants.

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